A mouthwatering collection of photos taken by a perpetually hungry and thirsty girl

About Me

**if you absolutely must know, tumblr folk, then here you go**
  • 27, female, sometimes fabulous, & a forever foodie
  • los angeles local - socal born and raised
  • screenwriting degree with a minor in theatre arts
  • chalk artist by day - aspiring writer by night
  • obsessed with all things trader joe’s because it’s been a second home to me since birth
  • the undisputed queen of happy hour - ask anybody
  • lover of art, alcoholic beverages, & adventure
  • cooking and cupcakes make me happy
  • travel has my heart as does the beauty of nature
  • obsessed with all things television
  • yes, i was in a sorority, & we were smart
  • i love to play sports as much as i love to watch them
  • nothing compares to family and friends
  • work hard - play hard - then sleep
  • i never leave home without my carmex
  • my life motto: “i’d rather be poor, happy, and doing what i love than rich, sad, and working a job i despise. somewhat happy with a comfortable income works too.” 

**All photos on this tumblr account have been taken by me**

  • xoxo, savorful

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